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Morphew's Bi- Annual Archive Sale

Yesterday, I had the pleasure stopping by Morphew to check out their bi-annual archive sale. For those who don't know, Morphew has been a marquee name in vintage fashion for over 15 years. With locations in NYC and LA, their collection of unique designer pieces as well as an in house line made with dead-stock fabrics, is a favorite with celebrities and fashion stylists looking for one of a kind pieces.

I've known about Morphew for years and, even though I've walked past their location hundreds of times, I've never managed to go in-and I've really been missing out. Tucked away on the second floor of a building in the garment district, the showroom is a jewel box of outstanding fashion and accessories. With sustainable fashion becoming such a popular topic I thought the sale would be packed but store was actually quite peaceful with just a few fashion enthusiasts and a stylist pulling from the racks.

For the sale, they have multiple racks of well organized finds starting at $28 dollars and spanning decades of styles. Of course if you have any questions about the pieces the knowledgeable showroom staff is more than happy to help! One of their stylists spoke with me about what I was looking for and helped me pull some amazing pieces I might have missed on my own. After trying on about a dozen pieces I picked up this '60's tunic that I can't wait to style with tights and boots, as well as a babydoll nightgown that I need to find a great lining for so I can wear it as dress. A very successful shopping experience!

Photo above from Morphew's Instagram account where you can shop the sale in their stories if you're not NYC based.

Find out more about Morphew here.

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