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Savory Cheese Flan

Technically, this was going to be a fashion blog. But, if you know me in real life (and at this point, if you're reading this blog, you probably do) you know that I love to cook and eat. I really, really love to eat.

One of my friends recently said that I need to write my own cookbook and while that's probably a bit too ambitious I did decide that I might as well do something with all the photos I take of my food.

I even decided to have a little fun and make a "Reel" of my cooking process. No easy feat when you're simultaneously trying a new recipe and entertaining an 8 month old. Still can't figure out how to save the audio from Instagram, so if you know, tell me in the comments!

I picked this recipe as my first post because with Easter coming up I thought people might be interested in trying something a little different for their holiday meal. Easter or not, this rich egg dish is a perfect addition to your brunch menu-or, as I served it, "fancy" breakfast for dinner along with extra thick cut bacon and sliced tomatoes.

The recipe below is adapted from "Eggs" by Michel Roux. My husband gave me this book for my birthday and I'll be trying more recipes from this book soon.

A few notes about some of the adjustments I made before we get to the recipe-I decided to add garlic and onion powder to the recipe instead of nutmeg because I wanted to play up the funky flavors in the aged fontina I bought. I usually use "real" garlic and onions but because I wanted to keep the flan super smooth and creamy I didn't want to introduce any more "solids"into the mix. Adding the shallots and chives on top give that additional bite of flavor and make for an attractive presentation.

Also, I mention this in my directions, but I find it's really helpful to use something like a roasting pan to put your flans into instead of a smaller baking dish. The handles make it easier to get in and out of the oven and the extra depth helps keep the boiling water in the pan and not on your hands. Of course, like anything on the internet, people have a lot of feelings about how to use a bain-marie -check out some more tips here and here.

Have you tried this recipe? Let me know what you think!

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