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Sunshine and Stripes

There's nothing like crisp blue and white to signal the arrival or warm weather! For me, this combo is a classic and I've had this particular shirt dress for years. However, to really get into the swing of spring, I wanted to try and add one of the trendiest colors of the season-yellow.

To be honest, yellow does not look good on me. Like at all. It just doesn't suit my skin and I end up looking sickly-never a good look. However, I firmly believe there's always a way to try a trend if you want to, you just need to know what works for you! In this case, that means mixing in yellow accessories. The pop of color adds a fun bold boost to my old dress without me having to commit to a head to toe look.

It's also an eco and budget friendly way to update your look-I was able to repurpose the yellow belt from another dress I already owned and I rented the Kate Spade bag from Rent the Runway!

Are you trying new trends this season? Tell me below in the comments section.

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