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Three Tips To Try Trends More Sustainably

These days really try to shop with the longevity of the items I buy in mind (Will it last? Will I get a lot of use out of it?) as well as how sustainably it was produced.

That said, sometimes it's fun to try a trend! So here are three ways to try a trend while minimizing your environmental impact.

  1. Buy second hand-I love this one! There are so many great "preloved" pieces on the market and you can find a gently used gem that's both eco and economical!

  2. Try a rental service-Companies like Rent the Runway allow you to try a trend temporarily then send if back when you're done. Ideally, this extends the life of an item by giving it more use.

  3. Borrow from a friend-I miss the days of living in a sorority house and having access to all my "sisters" clothes but you can recreate that by having a clothing swap with your friends. Sure, it's a little more work now that you don't all live in the same building. But for free, green fashion it's worth it!

Which of these trends have you used to lessen your environmental impact?

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