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What is Clubhouse and Why Should your Fashion Brand Join?

An audio only platform seems like unlikely place to promote your fashion brand, but the app has quickly become a "must" among digitally savvy designers. Now, Ted Baker is the first major fashion brand to have a "club" on Clubhouse.

First off-what is Clubhouse and why is everyone suddenly talking about it?

Clubhouse launched in April of 2020 and, with a world in lockdown, the timing couldn't have been better for a platform based on making personal connections. Playing up exclusivity, the app is currently invite only-nothing makes someone want to join a "club" like the thought they might not be able to-and only available to those using an iPhone. Clubhouse members are able to join different clubs and participate in rooms where you're able to listen and talk with other participants. Rooms can be about anything-if there's a topic you're interested in there's a place for it on Clubhouse.

So why should your brand join?

In truth, there's a lot to sort through. When you're first getting started it can actually be a bit daunting trying to pick up the signal through the noise but once you start following some industry leaders and joining relevant rooms there's a lot to be gained.

  1. Promote your brand-This is probably the most obvious reason but getting into rooms that have your target audience and talking about your brand is a great way to boost your visiblity and expose your brand to new customers. By speaking directly to your consumers you're able to get your message in front of people getting people to know, like, and trust (and hopefully shop from) you.

  2. Hear from your customers-Clubhouse is a great way to do social listening and learn from your customer. I co-moderate the room Friends in Fashion with another blogger and I was really surprised how interested our participants were in sustainable fashion. Now we're responding by adding more content around sustainable and ethical fashion-which I love! Learning what's important to your customers helps you make genuine connections and improve your business.

  3. Learn from industry leaders- Major fashion and beauty brands personalities have been active on the app. I've participated in amazing conversations with DVF, Bobbi Brown, and roundtable with a group of editors from major magazines giving best practices for pitching your brand to them. But, in my opinion, Rebecca Minkoff is the best fashion follow on Clubhouse. She is regularly a moderator in rooms and she's extremely transparent about the business side of her fashion brand which is rare. Fashion startups (and even established brands) could save them selves a lot of time, money, and grief listening to her strategies for running a brand in an increasingly digital world.

Before you know it you'll get the hang of Clubhouse and be making beneficial connections for your business and soon you may be someone people will want to follow for your industry


Already on Clubhouse-what do you think?

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